Bosses rule out instability in next legislature, but call for more economic ambition – The Economic Journal

The bosses do not foresee scenarios of political instability in the country in the next legislature. After the social partners met with the Prime Minister-designate on the morning of Thursday, October 10.

“We do not anticipate greater instability. The previous agreement we realized was fragile. President Cavaco Silva did not even consider it a deal. To consider that there was an agreement was excessive for me ”, began by saying the president of the Portuguese Industrial Confederation (CIP).

“What this legislature is going to have is what the previous one had: agreements with each state budget, there will have to be balances so that each budget and parliamentary initiatives have peace and we can have political stability. We are sure that the country and the responsible parties in the Assembly of the Republic can maintain it, ”said António Saraiva.

Asked about Portugal's economic performance, the boss said that more needs to be done. “We cannot satisfy ourselves on the European average, we have to be more ambitious ,. There are countries that grow more, this is where we have to compete, ”he said.

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