Breastfeeding: advice for mothers – Welfare

Breastfeeding: advice for mothers - Welfare

In the case of the sensation of full and painful breasts can resort to the pump of extraction of milk and the application of heat relieves. Mastitis is characterized by the appearance of a lump associated with pain, swelling and redness. This situation should be evaluated by a physician.

Mother's feeding is important at all stages and in this it is no different. It follows the usual rules – complete, varied and balanced diet, with small meals spaced at short intervals. Do not neglect hydration by drinking plenty of water. You should continue to avoid alcohol and tobacco.

The Medication

We could not fail to mention the medicines. As in pregnancy, not all can be taken during breastfeeding because they can pass into the milk and be absorbed by the baby. Ask your pharmacist and doctor for advice.

Unfortunately, some moms are not able to breastfeed, either because of lack of milk or because of a disease that makes breastfeeding impossible. In these cases, seek advice from your doctor and pharmacist to find the best alternative.

With these tips, take advantage of breastfeeding, which is another moment of sweetness and that brings many advantages, both for the baby and for the mother.

The recommendations are from the pharmacists Catarina Silva, Dina Velez and Sandra Santos from the Madragoa Pharmacy.

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