Brexit without deal could lead to food shortages in UK supermarkets – The Economic Journal

The UK could suffer from a shortage of fresh food for weeks or even months if there is no deal with Brexit, according to Reuters.

Retail companies such as Tesco warn that leaving the European Union on October 31 without a transitional agreement will cause problems as many fresh produce is imported and warehouses stocked before Christmas.

The retail industry, which employs 450,000 people in the United Kingdom, looks to Brexit as the biggest challenge since World War II, overcoming previous crises such as the 2013 horse meat scandal and the mad cow outbreak during the 1990s. 80's and 90's.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly warned the European Union that unless he agrees to make a new deal he will leave the country outside the EU on 31 October without agreement. As winter approaches, the UK becomes more dependent on imported food, so a non-Brexit settlement is potentially more problematic.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, which have a short shelf life of just a few days, cannot be stored for long, so any control at Calais Port could lead to a significant disruption in Dover, Britain's largest port.

A government spokeswoman says he is working to support the industry. "The UK will leave the EU on 31 October and our top priority is to support consumers and businesses in their preparations for Brexit."

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