"Brightburn: The Story of a Superman on the Other Side of the Mirror"

"Brightburn: The Story of a Superman on the Other Side of the Mirror"

In "Brightburn", director David Yarovevsky mixes the coldness of "The Genius of Evil" (1976) with the opposing forces of "Chronicle" (2012), and with some gore to the mix, it makes us look away . But it will not make us stop the heart, because it chooses bloodless gratuitousness to the detriment of the adrenaline and the sensations that would make us question the origin of the evil.

The psychological leap of Brandon is untimely and more than a conflicting being, with serious crises of identity, the son of Breyer turns out to be a sociopath animal. The relationship with the parents is never deepened and all the remaining characters around are only targets of their sinister violence.

So instead of being at the tip of our places twisting our toes in, we find ourselves leaning back, frustrated to see this concept fade away for lack of atmosphere of horror. But with a sadistic smile on his lips, content with the slasher creativity dripping from the big screen.

"Brightburn: The Son of Evil": in theaters on May 23.

Review: Daniel Antero

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