British government to launch 'biggest public information campaign' on 'Brexit' – The Economic Journal

Under the heading 'Get ready for Brexit', the campaign aims to raise awareness among people and businesses about the priority areas for preparing for a UK exit from the European Union on 31 October and will be broadcast via television. , social networks, posters, and other platforms.

The Boris Johnson Government statement said surveys indicated that “only 50% of the population thinks that the UK is likely to leave the EU on 31 October” and that “42% of small and medium enterprises are still unsure about how prepare ”to justify the need for more information.

In this campaign, people wishing to travel to Europe and exporters to the European Union will also be exposed to information on how to acquire economic operator registration and identification numbers, ways to obtain documents for the transport of goods across borders and ways of applying. “vital support” packages for businesses.

Lancaster Duchy Chancellor Michael Gove and the Prime Minister's advisor on development policy believes that this campaign “will encourage the country to Brexit and guarantee an 'orderly exit', which it considers to be a 'shared responsibility'. "

Boris Johnson, who took office as Conservative Prime Minister on July 24, succeeding Theresa May (who stepped down after failing a Brexit deal with the European Union), promised that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on October 31. , with or without agreement.

Faced with political movements that included meetings between opposition parties, Johnson asked the queen to suspend Parliament for four weeks, until October 14, pledging to submit a proposal before the 'Brexit' deadline.

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