British Health Minister admits quarantine again to Portugal

British Health Minister admits quarantine again to Portugal

The British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, admitted today the possibility of Portugal being included again in the list of countries whose passengers are obliged to fulfill a two-week quarantine when arriving in the United Kingdom, advances the Lusa agency.

“We are prepared to make decisions to put individual countries back on the quarantine list if necessary, and we keep that under constant review. People should only travel if they are prepared to quarantine if the virus increases when they are in that country, ”he told Sky News.

The increase in the number of infection cases in Portugal in the last week will have exceeded 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the British press, one of the criteria used by London to impose restrictions on international travel.

The Portuguese Minister of Health, Marta Temido, acknowledged on Wednesday that cases of covid-19 are increasing in Portugal and that there is a greater risk of transmission of the disease.

“The numbers of our epidemic situation are rising. They have been on the rise for a week and now stand at around 340 new cases daily. This is a reality, ”he said at the press conference to update the situation of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal.

Portugal was only included in the list of safe countries and therefore with “travel corridors” with the United Kingdom two weeks ago, on August 20, despite pressure from the Portuguese Government and the tourism sector.

Hancock said the decision would be taken on Friday, but the review of the measures has been announced on Thursday in recent weeks by Transport Minister Grant Shapps.

On August 27, the British Government added Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Jamaica to the list of countries subject to a 14-day quarantine and Cuba moved to the list of exempt countries.

"The decision to add or remove a country is made carefully after an investigation by the Common Biosafety Center. A leading indicator is 20 cases per 100,000 over seven days, but a wide range of factors are considered, including level, rate and speed of change in confirmed cases ”, justified Shapps at the time.

The list of “travel corridors” currently has less than 70 countries and territories, Croatia, Austria and the island of Trinidad and Tobago, France, the Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Aruba having been excluded since July, Belgium, Andorra, Bahamas, Spain and Luxembourg.

Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Brunei and Malaysia were added in the previous weeks.

According to the British press, in addition to Portugal, Greece is also at risk of being added to the list of countries in need of quarantine in the rest of the United Kingdom, following the decision taken by Scotland this week and in force since today.

In addition to an increase in the number of infections in the country, several tourists from Wales who traveled from the island of Zante tested positive, so the authorities are asking them to stay in isolation.


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