Bruno de Carvalho: "Marco Silva and Jorge Jesus took advantage of the work of Leonardo Jardim"

Bruno de Carvalho: "Marco Silva and Jorge Jesus took advantage of the work of Leonardo Jardim"

Jorge Jesus and Marco Silva were criticized by Bruno de Carvalho in an interview from the former president of Sporting to the podcast 'Sporting 106'. The Sporting-detained president spared no criticism of Everton and Jorge Jesus, and accused even the former coach of having been responsible for the descent of Sporting's B team

"Both Marco Silva and Jorge Jesus took great advantage of the work of Leonardo Jardim. Jorge manages to take advantage of this work – he will say that not because there is no one else on the top of the earth other than Jesus – joined the work done and talent discovered to that little star that he brought, that will that he brought, in which the players looked at the coach and entered more serene on the field because they had a champion coach to guide them.In the second and third year this has not happened, "he began by saying Bruno de Carvalho

"Team B was seen by the players who played there almost as a punishment. If we called a player to the main squad, he had the notion that he would stay there, if he had to go down it was a demotion. "I think it's a lot of fun," said Tiago Craveiro of the FPF, who said that I was quite right when I was defending the U-23s. we had a coach in the main team who wanted to bring another coach in team B and take what was there, and then did not give players of the main team to the puder B team to score points.Close down was not a plan, "added Bruno de Carvalho before attacking Manuel Fernandes.

"We had a double-headed scouting structure, I know Manuel Fernandes has been active on TV, I have not had the pleasure of hearing him." There was a two-headed situation between him, who was supposed to be the head of Sporting's scouting, the Laranjeira, who did a bit of this work.What we wanted to do was to end this bicephaly, which had to do with the wishes of Jorge Jesus.In Monday I was thinking one thing, I was already thinking about something completely different on Tuesday. in this situation, but it was impossible.A team like Sporting has to have a head-scout and take advantage of the network that we had built and that so many fruits began to give.If you had a person thought for that position? for Manuel Fernandes, I do not want to be him, even though people are rude to me, he's working in another club today, "said Bruno de Carvalho.

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