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The social network Twitter, announced this Monday, May 13, that corrected a bug after it caused the collection and sharing of data regarding the geolocation of some users. The bug affected only iPhones and iPads, since it was in the iOS version code of the app. According to the company, users who were logged on to more than one account and who had active geolocation functionality are the ones most at risk of seeing their shared data. It is even possible that Twitter collected these data while using accounts that did not have this active option.

The bug was discovered by Twitter's own workers, who then reported the news to the press. The company has published more details on the subject in this link.

More importantly, this data was shared with one of the advertisers working with the social network. Twitter still attempted to remove this information from shared data, but was unsuccessful. However, it was possible to "mask" these stretches, so that the geolocation was not exactly accurate, but covered an area of ​​five square kilometers. The names of the accounts to which each location belonged were not shared.

The company also informs that the partner concerned only stored the data for a short time, since such a requirement is part of the basic procedures. Affected users have been contacted by Twitter, but this will not be a bad time to review your privacy settings.

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