"By the end of December 2023, we will have a high-speed connection between Lisbon and Madrid" Pedro Nuno Santos – Minister

"By the end of December 2023, we will have a high-speed connection between Lisbon and Madrid" Pedro Nuno Santos - Minister

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, speaking today (Tuesday) in a videoconference hearing at the Transport and Tourism committee of the European Parliament, announced that the high-speed rail link between Lisbon and Madrid is under construction, which will be completed until December 2023, with the objective of "connect the country and not just the Portuguese and Spanish capitals."

"I wanted to say that the connection between Lisbon and Madrid is already being built, is underway. We predict, by the end of December 2023, we will have a connection between Lisbon and Madrid at high speed", said Pedro Nuno Santos.

Pedro Nuno Santos – Minister of Infrastructure and Housing (Photo: Observer)

Responding to MEPs about betting on the railroad, the Portuguese minister noted that "there is more country than the capitals and that, therefore, the Lisbon-Madrid connection is not the only priority of the Portuguese Government. We must not forget at any time that when we are making new high-speed lines, the In addition to the new connection between the capitals, we must also link our territory, insisted Minister of Infrastructure and Housing.

For the reason mentioned, Pedro Nuno Santos said that "the connection between Lisbon and Porto is a priority for the Portuguese Government and for Portugal".

The Lisbon-Madrid high-speed line project, which provides for a maximum speed of 350 kilometers / hour, has been talked about for several years and was suspended in 2011 due to the economic crisis at the time, however, this is not the project that is now concerned.

"In particular, on the Portuguese side, it is the International South Corridor, with the new line between Évora and Elvas. This line will allow speeds equal to or greater than 250 kilometers / hour and, therefore, it is a high speed line, of according to the classification of European legislation ", however, explained the office of the Portuguese minister in a written reply sent to the Lusa agency.

"This line is being built on the corridor previously studied by RAVE in the context of the high speed Lisbon – Madrid and, as foreseen in these studies, it allows the traffic of goods without restrictions", needed tutelage.

"The section of the Extremadura high-speed line between Badajoz and Plasencia is under construction", he added.

"The completion of these two works, scheduled for the end of 2023, will allow the creation of passenger services of comparable quality to other European high-speed services between Lisbon and Madrid, with a journey time of around five hours, when it is currently 10 hours ”, pointed out the Infrastructure office.

Pedro Nuno Santos spoke at this distance hearing to present the priorities of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union (EU), in which he pointed out that "rail transport is also suffering the consequences of the pandemic", therefore, "we have to support it as quickly as we did with the airline industry", stressed Pedro Nuno Santos, minutes after defending the state aid to TAP because it is the country's flag carrier.


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