Camané and Mário Laginha together in new project that will be presented live in 2019 – Showbiz

Camané and Mário Laginha together in new project that will be presented live in 2019 - Showbiz

"Here you are quiet" will be presented in various locations, being sure that, on January 26, passes through the Port, by the House of Music, and, on February 9, by Águeda, told Lusa the agent of Camané.

The fado singer and the pianist "have given several concerts together", and the "excellent understanding felt in these sporadic collaborations" results "the inevitable deepening of this symbiosis."

This new project is "from scratch to brighten a voice and a piano that have been found accomplices since the first time they filled a stage."

The concert line-up will include "about two dozen themes, out of the traditional fado canon, from the repertoire of Camané and will also include unpublished compositions by Mário Laginha, who remembered, already wrote a poem by Álvaro de Campos (heteronym of Fernando Pessoa ) to Camané, 'Ai Margarida' ".

Camané's most recent album, "Camané sings Joiner," was released in October of last year. In the disc, which counts on the participation of Carlos do Carmo, the fadista recreated themes from the repertoire of Alfredo Marceneiro (1891-1982), like "Ironia" or "The House of Mariquinhas".

In July he won, with his eighth studio album, the Manuel Simões Award for Best Fado Album, in the year of the creation of the award.

Camané, already distinguished with three Amália awards, twice won the Great Night of the Fado of Lisbon, in junior and senior years, and, along his route, passed through several fado houses, namely the restaurant Senhor Vinho, by fadista Maria the Faith and the poet José Luis Gordo.

Last year he was awarded the Tenco per Operatore Culturale prize, awarded by Club Luigi Tenco, founded in 1972 in Sanremo, in the north-east of Italy.

In the theater he was part of the cast of "Great Night", "Maldita Cocaína" and "Cabaret", always directed by Filipe la Féria.

In 2002, he participated in a show with Manuela de Freitas, around the work of the poet Fernando Pessoa, which was presented at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. It was part of the Human project, in homage to António Variações, with Manuela Azevedo, David Fonseca, Helder Gonçalves and Nuno Rafael, released in 2004.

Mário Laginha has a career of more than two decades in jazz, in his own name and in sharing with other artists such as Maria João, Carlos Bica and Miguel Amaral.

In late September last year, the pianist released the album "September" with English saxophonist Julian Arguelles and Norwegian drummer Helge Andreas Norbakken.

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