Câmara de Loulé promotes adaptations in the Quarteira cycleway – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Câmara de Loulé promotes adaptations in the Quarteira cycleway - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

As part of the Quarteira Lab project, an initiative through which solutions are being tested to respond to the current challenges of smooth urban mobility, Loulé City Council will carry out adjustments in the area of ​​intervention between Rotunda do Octovo and Roundabout of the Bus Terminal.

The interventions in question aim to resolve some of the annoyances observed during the trial period (from January to this part), in particular as regards traffic flow, the maneuvering space of vehicles and the arrangement of parking on the section of the bicycle lane.

Thus, in this first phase, the adaptation works will focus on the elimination of beacons at the curve of the bus terminal and at the end of the streets adjacent to Carlos Mota Pinto and Francisco Sá Carneiro Avenues; in the planning of parking along the avenue, limiting it to vehicles with characteristics determined by vertical signaling; in the creation of a link with horizontal signposting of the shared road (zone 30 + bicycle) in Rua da Alagoa to Rua da Armação, which in the future will serve as a link to the Passeio das Dunas; and in the resurfacing of Rua da Alagoa, Rua da Armação and Rotunda do Polvo, to place the new horizontal signage.

For municipal officials, "these are immediate corrective measures that may be further strengthened if deemed necessary." In addition to these, other measures are under analysis that will positively influence the flow of road traffic in Carlos Mota Pinto and Francisco Sá Carneiro Avenues, and Quarteira Lab "is a flexible project, subject to readjustments in order to ally the needs of the citizens to the Municipal Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change ".

According to the executive, "Quarteira Lab is a project of extreme importance in the municipal context in what are the concerns of the Autarchy in environmental matters and adaptation to climate change, in line with what is happening in the vast majority of urban centers of the Europe". "In this sense, we will continue with the actions planned in this Vivo Laboratory, which will promote decarbonization and through which innovative solutions will be tested to improve environmental performance and sustainability, based on priority areas such as energy, mobility, buildings, economy circular, among others, because we believe that this will be a decisive step to improve the quality of life of the Quarteirenses and all those who visit this city, "said the leaders of the Chamber of Loulé.



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