Câmara de Olhão has delivered 1,300 tablets to young students – Jornal diariOnline South Region

Câmara de Olhão has delivered 1,300 tablets to young students - Jornal diariOnline South Region

The delivery period of 1,300 tablets and thousands of school supplies kits and exercise books in schools in the municipality of Olhão, along with the delivery of manuals offered by the Ministry of Education, ended today.

This is the start-up school year of the pioneering “Caíque Bom Sucesso” project in the country, which, once completed three years from now, will provide all students from 4th to 12th grade in the county with a tablet, “ indispensable tool for the modernization of the teaching methods and the pedagogical resources available to the students ”, emphasizes the local authority.

This morning was also the turn of the 4th grade teachers to receive their tablet, in a symbolic ceremony that took place at EB 2.3 José Carlos da Maia School.

All teachers will receive training, which will enable them to make the most of this tool placed at the service of the school community by the local authority.

All tablets come equipped with Porto Editora's Virtual School platform, as well as the respective textbooks, which will make it possible, in addition to relieving the weight of students' backpacks, for teachers to have one more digital teaching tool, interactive and open the door to collaborative work and knowledge sharing.

About 1,300 students in grades 4, 7 and 10 received their tablets this year. Approximately 2,000 children attending the 1st cycle were also offered a kit of educational material that includes, among others, notebooks, pencils, pens or colored sheets, which will be used during the school year.

The 1,500 students who will attend the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the 1st cycle also obtained, through the municipality, their exercise books, and the textbooks were offered by the Ministry of Education.



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