Câmara de Sines takes «Maré de Fado» home

Câmara de Sines takes «Maré de Fado» home

The City Council of Sines organizes today and tomorrow, the 19th and 20th, another weekend of the «Maré de Fado» show, taking the music to everyone's home to enjoy online and on the radio.

Tomorrow, Friday, 19, the theme «Preparation for the Trip» sets the tone and counts on the participation of Isabel Noronha, Eva Zambujo and Tiago Correia.

On Saturday, 20, the theme «A Partida» is the guiding thread for the participation of Paula Cruz, Pedro Calado, Isabel Noronha and the Fado e Morna project.

With the artistic direction of Carlos Soares da Silva, the «Maré de Fado» initiative was created in 2017 and aims to "recover the legacy of the nights and fado meetings, where amateurs and professionals came together for the pleasure of singing".

Program with 25 names and other musical genres

In this edition, with 25 names programmed, fado opens up to guest projects with influences from other musical genres and the program for each night is organized around a different theme.

“Maré de Fado” are also the places in Sines where it takes place, linked to the local heritage.

In 2021, fado passes through the Museum of Sines, the old Railway Station, the Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas and the Largo Marquês de Pombal (Porto Covo).

“This is an initiative in which, at this particularly complex time in the area of ​​culture, we seek to streamline programming through the means we have at our disposal to reach the public, valuing our artists and our traditions. It is a program that combines our intangible heritage with the historic and built heritage, carried out with enormous professionalism ”, underlines Nuno Mascarenhas, Mayor of Sines.

These eight nights of music, which started on March 12, last until April 3, every Friday and Saturday.

Shows always start at 9:30 pm

Always starting at 21: 3 hours0, the eight shows can be seen and heard on the networks of the Municipality of Sines (Facebook and Youtube) and on the channels of the partners Rádio Amália and Rádio Sines, including on their FM frequency.

Taking into account the pandemic situation and the State of Emergency in force, all shows are recorded without an audience and in compliance with the safety standards recommended by health authorities.


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