Câmara do Porto awards half a million to the firm of former partner and supporter of Rui Moreira – O Jornal Económico

In the last two years, the City Council of Porto (CMP) has entered into contracts under direct agreement with the law firm Telles de Abreu and Associados, valued at approximately 218 thousand euros. Encompassing entities in the orbit of the CMP – such as Porto Lazer and the Municipal Environment Company of Porto -, the value amounts to about 472 thousand euros.

In the same period, Cuatrecasas obtained 148 thousand euros in direct adjustments of the CMP, plus about 50 thousand euros of other entities in its orbit of the CMP, in a global value of 198 thousand euros. José Pedro Aguiar-Branco & Associados had a direct adjustment of 74 thousand euros and Miguel Veiga, Neiva Santos & Associados 74 thousand euros of CMP and 125 thousand of associated entities.

There are abundant direct interconnections between Telles de Abreu and the civic association Porto, O Movimento (PNM), through which Rui Moreira was elected to the presidency of the CMP in 2013 and 2017. Pedro Almeida and Sousa, a partner at Telles of Abreu and, at the same time, member of the board of the general assembly of the PNM. In addition, Telles de Abreu has provided services to the PNM in the Autonomous Communities of 2017, such as a complaint to the National Election Commission, signed by it and in which the Telles de Abreu logo is visible.

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