Camera wants Casarão park with very high voltage line

Parque empresarial do Casarão

Casarão Business Park

The Águeda Chamber "is deepening" the possibility of feeding the Casarão Business Park (PEC) with a very high voltage supply line (MAT). The objective is to attract investment from companies with "high technological incorporation"

The claim has a legal framework, within the scope of the opinion recently prepared by the Energy Services Regulatory Agency (ERSE) with a view to the proposed investment plan and development of the electricity transmission network 2018-2027.
"The possibility of the PEC being able to become an island of quality of service, besides being an innovative procedure of endowing electrical power to industrial or business parks in Portugal, offers many advantages", considers the mayor Jorge Almeida.
In addition to the "quality and reliability" of the energy supply in MAT for the industries installed there, the mayor considers it to be a factor of attractiveness. "It makes it possible to attract investment from companies with higher electricity quality requirements for their operation".
According to Jorge Almeida, the study, carried out in partnership with REN, "represents a significant advance for the attractiveness of the municipality of Águeda and will put the PEC-Águeda at a unique level at regional and even national level."

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