CAN2019: Mozambique completes preparation in Maputo

CAN2019: Mozambique completes preparation in Maputo

The Mozambique team will finish their preparations for the game with Guinea Bissau qualifying for CAN-2019 in Maputo and not in the South African city of Pretoria as scheduled.

The change is due to the fact that the charter flight, which will take the Mambas to Bissau, will only be able to leave Maputo to Bissau, which will make the players have to return Monday after the afternoon training.

In the Mozambican capital, the Mambas will hold three training sessions, before the match scheduled for next Thursday (March 21), for Bissau.

The Mozambican group is forced to beat Guine Bissau to qualify for the CAN, something that has not happened since Angola-2010. The game is scheduled for March 23 and is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m.

Guinea-Bissau leads Group K with 8 points, the same as in Namibia. Mozambique counts 7 and Zambia, with no chance of qualifying, sum 4.

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