Canadian artist sculpts grandiose landscapes in old encyclopedias and bibles – News

Canadian artist sculpts grandiose landscapes in old encyclopedias and bibles - News

Books also get old, sick and moribund. When this happens, the Canadian, born in 1957, Guy Laramee initiates a lawsuit. The multidisciplinary creator resurrects books since 1999, be these dictionaries, encyclopaedia, bibles and give them a new life.

Guy does not change the base material of all books, paper, what he does is make it into grandiose landscapes, carving mountains, gorges, abysses, peaks. Large-scale landscapes, although contained in an area as large as it can be a book or set of books.

With your job, this interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, does not want to bring us just a miniature reproduction of nature. What Guy Laramee looks for, as he describes in an interview with the arts website Yatzer, is to convey "the feelings that a wild setting triggers. It's about transcending the mundane. " A kind of paradise, as described by the Canadian creator who does not exempt his work from the spiritual link: "I think Christianity makes us see the 'transcendent' as a floating kingdom, out of this world, a kind of paradise. Asian spiritualities offer a completely different reading of the term. For them, the concept of 'transcendence' simply means beyond. "

In practice, what Laramee seeks with his spiritual sculpture is an invitation to free ourselves from the worries of the world. The path that this creator with work developed over 30 years has found is to dig in old pages of books and paint them romantic landscapes.

Guy Laramée creates in subjects as diverse as the writing and theatrical direction, the composition of music for contemporary dance, the design and construction of musical instruments, set design, sculpture, installation, painting, and literature. His work has been exposed in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and several countries in Latin America.

Alongside his artistic practice, Guy investigated the field of anthropology, with fieldwork in Togo, Africa, and Peruvian Amazon.

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