Candidate Joaquim Reis wants to keep SDUQ model at Académica

The candidate of List B to the elections of the Académica – Autonomous Organization of Soccer, Joaquim Reis, assured today that, if he is elected, the club will maintain the current model of Unique Sport Society by Quotas (SDUQ).

In the presentation of the list, in a hotel unit in the city of Coimbra, under the motto 'For a Sovereign Academic', Joaquim Reis stressed that the model approved by the partners in May 2013 (SDUQ) is the one that will take effect.

"Recent news, which has never been denied or confirmed by the current leadership, has led us to believe that Académica and its partners are about to be confronted with an inevitability, which is the eventual loss of majority control of the sporting society that manages football "warned the candidate.

The doctor Joaquim Reis, former vice-president of the direction between 2014 and 2016, at the time led by José Eduardo Simões, said that the program of the application will be presented in the coming days.

On the club's "well-known" financial situation, the list B candidate emphasizes that the option is to "drop arms and go the easy way, or go to the fight looking for solutions, and we choose the latter path."

"Académica has the capacity and tools to provide revenue growth. We have a unique brand that has little or nothing been exploited, and only then can the chronic deficit cover every year," he said.

According to Joaquim Reis, a successful term "will be one in which, in the end, Académica has a better sporting situation, more assets, more active members, more athletes from and training and more involvement with entities, institutions and companies in the region" .

To the Board of the General Assembly, List B is the candidate António Preto, who has been working for 14 years in the 'briosa' social organs.

For the leadership of the Fiscal Council, Joaquim Freire, president of Casa da Académica in Lisbon, was presented.

The agent is the lawyer Jaime Doria Cortesão.

Joaquim Reis will run for the presidential elections scheduled for June 1 with the current president Pedro Roxo, who has re-elected himself to the post he held in 2017, following the resignation presented by Paulo Almeida, of which he was vice- President.

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