Cannes will see Rambo: film festival honors Stallone – News

Cannes will see Rambo: film festival honors Stallone - News

Sylvester Stallone will be at the Cannes Film Festival to present exclusive footage of Rambo V: Last Blood, a new film about the adventures of the Vietnam War veteran, during a special session in his honor.

Very popular, Stallone has been to La Croisette several times, particularly in 2014 to present "The Mercenaries 3" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrisson Ford and Antonio Banderas. At the time, the stars gave a spectacle when parading in armored vehicles.

"Syl" will be honored in a special session at the Palais des Festivals on May 24, in which he will present images of "Rambo V". After a montage that will show his entire career, a restored version of Ted Kotcheff's first "Rambo" (1982) entitled "The Fury of the Hero" will appear.

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In the first part of the saga, Stallone plays a veteran of the Vietnam War who revolts against the aggressiveness of some police in a small town in Washington state. Already in the other three films, he advances to various missions in Asia.

"Rambo V: Last Blood" will be released in theaters in the fall of 2019. The plot was written by Matthew Cirulnik and Stallone himself, who will return to play the character at war even in peacetime.

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