Canoeing / World Championships: Portugal debut with expected 'socks' clearance

Canoeing / World Championships: Portugal debut with expected 'socks' clearance


Portugal debuted today at the canoeing worlds in Szeged, Hungary, Teresa Portela's K1 and Hélder Silva C1 finishes for the 200-meter semi-finals, with the Olympic qualification in the crosshairs.

In advance announcing that would abdicate the result on K1 500, Fernando Pimenta, who realized that could not combine the schedules with the favorites 1,000 meters, was last in his series and was thus freed from further testing at the shortest distance.

Teresa and Helder, who knew there was no room for discussion in the final, concluded their qualifying rounds in fourth and second place respectively. now go to Friday's 'socks' in search of the desired medal race seat.

If Teresa hopes to win one of the K1 200's five Olympic seats, Helder is aware that her favorite 200, in which she competed in Rio2016, were replaced by the 1,000 in canoes, which she will compete on Thursday and Thursday. which does not have the same income.

On thursday, Fernando Pimenta begins the defense of the K1 1,000 world title and Marco Apura and Bruno Afonso's C2 1,000 the course they hope will culminate in the final, where the top eight reach Tokyo2020.

Joana Vasconcelos's K4 500, Teresa Portela, Francisca Laia and Francisca Carvalho know that first place in their tie gives a direct endThe same is not the case with the crew of Emanuel Silva, João Ribeiro, Messias Baptista and David Varela, without this benefit.

Denmark, Poland, Belarus and Canada are the main obstacles to the Portuguese quartet's dream.

In the paracanoagem, Norberto Mourão won his VL2 series and, on Thursday, will fight in the final for one of the six best results that will take him to the Paralympic Games.

Floriano Jesus was fourth and failed the final by one place, while Hugo Costa was sixth and goes to the final B.

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