Car Thing: Spotify's automotive virtual assistant goes on trial – Computers

Car Thing: Spotify's automotive virtual assistant goes on trial - Computers

Spotify will start testing its first piece of hardware. It is a virtual assistant for automobiles, which is controlled by voice, and that will help the company to know the consumption habits of the users in the musical segment, especially when they are behind the wheel.

To assemble a consistent network of tests, the company will send the device to several users at no cost associated with it.

The Car Thing, as it is called, connects to the car's cigarette lighter and can be connected via Bluetooth to the car and the user's smartphone. To activate it, the driver must give the command "Hey, Spotify", followed by the request that intends to do it.

The accessory will have a circular display on one side, which displays the name of the contents being played. And just to the right is a set of buttons that makes it easy to access a specific set of custom playlists. Note that Car Thing will be connected to the user's Spotify account, so it will be easy to access all the playlists you have already saved.

It is important to emphasize that the tests will be conducted exclusively in the USA. Participants chosen by the technology will be contacted shortly.

At The Verge, Spotify has announced that it has no plans to launch the Car Thing in the market and does not even know for how long this test will be conducted.

In a post posted on its official blog, the Swedish giant also stressed that it is not interested in focusing on hardware. This project, he says, is designed primarily to show you how users consume music and podcasts while driving.

International sources have confirmed that Spotify has also registered the names Voice Thing and Home Thing, suggesting that the streaming service will be interested in conducting similar tests in the home environment of users.

If you are interested in putting this Car Thing in the market, Spotify will face competition from Amazon, which currently has Echo Auto. The device brings Alexa into the cars of the users at a very inviting price, but the business model of this device still excludes the general public from its acquisition, since an invitation is required to order it.

In other formats we also have the Google Assistant Drive Mode, which adapts the virtual assistant to the context of the trip.

According to a survey by JD Power, 76% of car owners claim to be interested in having a virtual assistant, not only in their homes, but also in their cars.

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