Carlos Bica, a "very Portuguese" musician for the Germans and "very foreign" for the Portuguese – Showbiz

Carlos Bica, a "very Portuguese" musician for the Germans and "very foreign" for the Portuguese - Showbiz

Living between the two countries, the musician and composer made a point of giving a Portuguese brand to the first album of the recent project, calling it "I am the escaped one".

"It is a poem by Fernando Pessoa written in English. I usually say that success is when things happen without being very prepared. In this case, this formation came about in a very organic way, to the title and cover photo of the album. When I told Daniel Erdmann that we had to find a name for the record, he said that he had discovered Pessoa. He gave me several phrases he had taken from Pessoa's texts, but I found none appropriate. But when I was in the final phase of the search, in Zambujeira do Mar, I searched the internet and the name appeared immediately, "shares Carlos Bica.

"As a musician, what is sought is always to find out again. […] In the first place, it's a very unusual line-up: saxophone, double bass and the artist behind the turntables. For a first ear it might be a bit kinda weird thing. But hearing a second time, I recognize myself there, the album has my signature. And that's what makes me happy, to realize that even looking for other sounds, I find myself there, in this song ", he confesses.

For this trio, which began about a year ago, Carlos Bica invited Vincent von Schlippenbach (DJ Illvibe), son of Alexander von Schlippenbach, one of the great names of German jazz.

"DJ Illvibe had already participated in a 'Azul' album, in 'Believer'. […] I knew him as the kid who was walking around Berlin, painting graffiti. It was a young man who played trumpet, played drums, but never completely dedicated himself. But the musical vein was there from the beginning. After discovering the record player and the potential that it has, I do not know anyone like him. I saw him at a concert playing with his father and I was impressed. I was going to record the 'Believer' and I invited him to appear in the studio. It was there four hours, we recorded five songs and it was incredible, "he describes.

Carlos Bica leads several musical projects, among them the Blue Trio, over 25 years old, with the German guitarist Frank Möbus and the American drummer Jim Black.

The bassist will be in the next month of August, at the QuebraJazz festival in Coimbra, on days 2 and 3.

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