Carlos Moedas “very happy to give testimony” to Elisa Ferreira – Jornal Económico

European Commissioner Carlos Moedas on Tuesday welcomed the election of Socialist MEP Elisa Ferreira as European Commissioner, saying she was “very rested” and “very happy to pass the testimony” to a “convinced European”, respected in Brussels and “to left and right ”.

Speaking to Lusa, the current Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation said he was particularly pleased that the Prime Minister, António Costa, chose Elisa Ferreira, who “was always a woman to build bridges and reach consensus”. , an important aspect of his role over the next five years in the community executive led by the German Ursula von der Leyen.

Recalling that she has always had Elisa Ferreira's “unconditional support” since they first met at the European Parliament in 2014, at a time when she was still Commissioner-nominee for the 'Juncker Commission' – designated by the PSD / CDS-PP government – Carlos Moedas stressed the fact that the former Socialist MEP is “respected in Brussels by all” and “respected on the left and right”, which, she said, “is an important asset” for the position she will hold, in which will have to “make these bridges between left and right”.

“So it is a choice that leaves me very rested and, on the other hand, also very happy to pass the testimony to someone like Elisa Ferreira. I think it is a good choice, so I am very pleased with this testimony passage, ”he summarized.

Regarding the portfolio that could be attributed to the Commissioner of Portugal in the future executive, who is due to take office on November 1st, Carlos Moedas did not want to extend himself, as he did not want to enter an area that is the responsibility of the new president of the community executive, Ursula. von der Leyen, but did not fail to highlight Elisa Ferreira's “extraordinary experience” “in everything that is financial and economic”, both at the European Assembly and, later, at Banco de Portugal.

Considering why Elisa Ferreira is “very well tailored” to take on a portfolio of an economic and financial nature, “which fits perfectly” in her profile, Carlos Moedas noted, however, that the former MEP “can also do many other things. portfolios ”, not least because the post of Commissioner is essentially political.

Also saluting the fact that Elisa Ferreira became the first Portuguese woman to be appointed to the European Commission College, as “greater parity” between men and women is very important, the current Commissioner stressed, however, that, more than gender, she is really interested “Competence”, and insisted that the qualities of his successor leave no doubt.

Prime Minister António Costa has chosen former Minister Elisa Ferreira as European Commissioner and has already communicated it to the new chairman of the commission, the official source of her cabinet said today.

"The Prime Minister informed the elected president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the name of Elisa Ferreira to join the college of Commissioners of the next European Commission," António Costa's official source told Lusa.

According to the same source, in due course the President-elect of the European Commission will communicate the portfolio assigned to the future Portuguese Commissioner.

Elisa Ferreira was Minister of the Governments headed by António Guterres, Prime Minister of the Environment, between 1995 and 1999, and after Planning, between 1999 and 2002, and since September 2017 she has been Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal.

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