Carpe Nox Albufeira has historic boats

Albufeira presents New Year's Eve Program - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

«Earth, Fire, Sea and Air – Four elements that join many emotions at Albufeira Carpe Nox», the organization said, describing the New Year celebration event, promoted by the Municipality of Albufeira.

This is a creation and production of Tavolanostra Global Events and after details of the program that takes place on Earth and in the Air, the presence of the historic ship Santa Maria Manuela has just been confirmed.

The event is attended by several boats loaded with history. In the sea, next to the beach line, will be several boats illuminating the scenery, among which will be highlighted by their charisma, Santa Maria Manuela, Condor de Vilamoura and Santa Bernarda.

Off Fisherman's Beach will be many other boats, from maritime-tourist companies that have packages that allow you to attend the entire event in a privileged location.

Santa Maria Manuela is an old codfish, built in the late 1930s, to participate
Newfoundland and Greenland campaigns, which represented a unique milestone for the Portuguese shipbuilding industry.



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