Casa da Música orchestras play in the public space of seven cities – Showbiz

Casa da Música orchestras play in the public space of seven cities - Showbiz

The Baroque is joined by Russian violinist, counterpart and conductor Dmitry Sinkovsky, who in 2017 directed the Seattle Symphony in the United States in the same role, then also around Vivaldi's music.

The program of the two symphonic concerts, directed by the lead conductor Baldur Brönnimann, includes seven pieces focused on dance music, from the popular festival to waltzes and the rhythms of electronic music.

Hector Berlioz's "Roman Carnival" (1803-1869) opens for the "Dance of the Hours" by the Italian author of the opera "A Gioconda" Amilcare Ponchielli (1834-1886), before works by the Englishman Eric Coates and Frederick Delius.

"The Hat of Three Beaks", by Spanish Manuel de Falla, opens the Latin link to "La Milonga del Angel", by Argentine Astor Piazzolla, before the techno sound of the work of the American Mason Bates, with "Mothership".

According to a statement from the organization, the purpose of the cycle is "to contribute to the appreciation of these historic centers and foster a taste for more classical music, breaking down barriers and winning new audiences."

In the presentation of the program, the artistic director of Casa da Música, António Jorge Pacheco, assured Lusa the continuity of the program for 2020, as he is able to change “the way Casa da Música is seen throughout the national territory”.

This work, which began in July with a symphonic concert in Lisbon, involves “brutal logistics” and a budget of “over 500,000 euros” through a partnership with the La Caixa Foundation.

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