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The municipality of Cascais will have, as of 2020, a free mobility service within the county, for residents, which will also introduce changes in parking policy, the municipality announced today.

According to a note sent to Lusa agency, the aim is for Cascais, in the district of Lisbon, to be "the first county in the country to have free internal mobility for all residents".

"It is a policy that is explained by the gains of freedom in mobility, by the gains of individual and collective economy, and by the environmental and social responsibility that guides us," says the president of the municipality, Carlos Carreiras (PSD), quoted in the note.

According to the executive, also the parking in the county will undergo changes, in order to "adapt to the new metropolitan reality".

"All residents registered in the MobiCascais application will be entitled to 100 minutes of free parking per day (except in the red zones and according to the current regulation) and a harmonization of collection times will be carried out," the municipality explains.

The paid time of parking for the whole county will be limited to the period between 09:00 and 19:00, except for the controlled parking areas of the county and specific regulation, provided for in the general regulations.

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