Castro Marim municipality awards 54 scholarships

Castro Marim municipality awards 54 scholarships

The Castro Marim City Council recently awarded 54 scholarships to students in the municipality, from secondary and higher education, in a global investment of 88,500 euros.

It is “a bet on the future and on the development of the territory of Castro Marim and also a way of promoting school achievement, a sine qua non condition for the awarding of scholarships”, emphasizes the municipality, in a statement.

31 scholarships were awarded to secondary school students and 23 to higher education students.

Each secondary school student is allocated 1,000 euros per year and 2,500 euros for higher education students. "A variable amount depending on the grant of a college scholarship", says the municipality of Castro.

For the executive led by Francisco Amaral, social support “is of greater importance” at a time when “many families are facing the negative economic impact” resulting from the measures taken to combat the new coronavirus.

The Algarve municipality has also readjusted some of the measures already in force to the new reality, such as expanding the supply of meals to students from families affected by the economic crisis, while also ensuring their transport.

The Castro Marim Chamber remains available to assess exceptional or emergency situations, which now lack social support that until now they did not need.

Families who are in a situation of economic need equivalent to levels A and B should contact the Social Action Office of the municipality through the number 281510742.


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