Castro Marim returns to Medieval Days between today and Sunday – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Castro Marim returns to Medieval Days between today and Sunday - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The town of Castro Marim becomes, today, Wednesday, 28, an enchanted village, recreating, with rigor, the uses, customs and experiences of the medieval past for five lively days and nights.

The Medieval Days return the Algarve locality to the Middle Ages, perhaps the most intriguing time in human history, until September 1st.

The Castle and the village become the ideal setting to welcome kings and queens, knights in shining armor, fools and jockeys, merchants, monks, ladies and nobles.

Horse riding tournaments, street theaters, the many pass-by-call animation groups featuring jugglers, swordsmen, fire-breathing players, pipers, balancing players, swordsmen and contortionists, medieval music, Arab-Oriental music and dance, Sacred music, medieval dances, the exhibition of instruments of torture and punishment, the medieval market and banquets, are some of the main attractions and bring with them all the magic of this fascinating era.

The main stage of the event will be the Castle of Castro Marim, the scene of the largest recreations, such as arts and crafts, where more than 45 professions are represented, and major shows, such as medieval tournaments on horseback.

In Paiol there will be a renewed exhibition of Instruments of Torture and Punishment (co-financed by Interreg VA, supported by the European Union, co-financed 75% by the ERDF, FOURTOURS project), showing one of the reasons why the Middle Ages are considered as the Age. of darkness.

For the banquet, another of the great attractions of this event, pass all the animation groups of the event. As in the Middle Ages, in the mysterious light of the torches, diners experience the finest delicacies of the time while enjoying the animated shows.

An innovative and differentiated experience from the rest of the banquet can also be gained in this edition: "Be King for a Night", a royal table that gathers 10 guests, with the pomp and circumstance of the courts of the Middle Ages.

All the classes that structured the daily life of the Middle Ages will be represented, clergy, nobility, bourgeoisie and people, and in the same streets and alleys you will be able to meet the mythological creatures, the monsters, the demonic and magical creatures that explained everything. which was still vague and inaccurate.

Fort S. Sebastião, another stage of this event, will house the Military Garrison, a historical recreation where you can see various thematic exhibitions, falconry exhibitions, squire training, tournaments and arts such as horseback riding, fencing and longbow.

Maintaining the rigor, this year some safety, health and environmental issues were reinforced, a work that aims to elevate the Medieval Days in Castro Marim to "Eco Event".

This year, the goal is to “achieve a drastic reduction of waste and maximum reuse of goods and scenarios of each edition”.

Clay cups will be used, as of almost the genesis of the Medieval, and there is an effective reduction in paper waste in the production of all graphic materials.

As this is a cross-sectional era for a number of cultures, this year's historic connection of coffee to the medieval period is consolidated and is now present throughout the event in close partnership with Delta Cafés.

The Medieval Days box office in Castro Marim opens at 15:00, while the event's activities and animation start at 17:00 and close at midnight.

During the event, organized by the Castro Marim City Council, the Municipal Support Office (GAM) will function as an information and support post.



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