Casual sporty. Learn how to get (most) of this trend – Tips and Trends

Casual sporty. Learn how to get (most) of this trend - Tips and Trends

The sportswear trade is a growing market, and it's not just the race to the gym. The sports parts are used more and more during the day and (also) in the exits at night by those who want to adopt a young urban look, even if it does not have any fall for the sport. Sports brands have already noticed this trend and are betting on the development of more stylish pieces.

"In sports-only stores, there are more and more pieces that do not look like sports and can be used and combined with others outside the gymnasium. The range and possibilities for coordination are very wide," says Helena Carmona, image consultant. . "It's all a matter of style and conjugation," he warns. Although it is a current trend, it is not, however, properly new.

Initially designed for sports, tennis is the best example of how these types of pieces can be adopted day-to-day, outside of sports venues.

"Nowadays, this footwear is part of any urban wardrobe, even being worn with executive suits," says the image consultant. Also the poles are long ago a must-have in the men's wardrobe, on or off the golf course or tennis court.

On the other hand, for ladies, dresses with polo-like collars have never been as popular as in recent days, leading many brands to bet on this garment in the collections that, season after season, launch on the market. Just add a denim jacket and change your shoes into sandals to create a winning look, even on days when you will not play or do not go to the gym to train.

Errors to Avoid

By combining sporting with other more glamorous pieces, you can also get a sophisticated result to use on the job or even an evening out. "At the outset, all sporting goods can be used outside the gym, provided you have good sense and creativity," says the consultant Helena Carmona. The use and mixing of these pieces, however, depends very much on the style and profession of each one.

"I do not imagine, for example, a lawyer wearing a suit with tennis, but I see, for example, an advertiser doing it most naturally," says the expert. "I also do not see an executive go to a leggings business meeting, but a fashion company would already do it in peace," he adds. Use your common sense and experiment in the mirror until you get the right picture.

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Text: Vanda Oliveira with Helena Carmona (image consultant)

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