Catalina wins music contest promoted by IPDJ / Algarve

Catalina wins music contest promoted by IPDJ / Algarve

The musical project led by the young singer Catalina was the winner of Música JA – IPDJ Modern Music Contest | Algarve, whose final took place last week in Faro.

The jury, composed of representatives from the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, FNAC Portugal, ETIC_Algarve, RUA FM and Mentecapta, evaluated the instrumental technique, the presentation on stage, the originality and the lyrical and musical content.

In the final, held in Quintalão, in Cidade Velha, on International Youth Day (August 12), the project by the young singer Catalina came out, followed by TheElephantWoman (2nd place), Dispirited Spirits (3rd) and Mateus Green (4th).

The winning project will also be entitled to record an EP and produce a video clip.

The four finalist projects will have the opportunity to present themselves to the public at Festival F, Fatacil, Feira da Serra, Algarve Academic Week and at a FNAC, as well as the inclusion of a theme in the daily programming of RUA FM.

Setting the stage for young people and creating conditions for the growth of their projects are the objectives of Música JA.


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