Catarina Costa in Budapest to “discuss the gold medal”

Catarina Costa in Budapest to “discuss the gold medal”


What are the expectations for the return of the World Judo Circuit?
I am, of course, very much looking forward to this return from the World Judo Tour. The break was great for all athletes and it will be great to be able to watch judo return at the highest level.

What is your assessment of preparation and internships during the past few months?
My preparation, and I think I can also speak for the rest of the national team, was excellent. We had the best conditions to prepare ourselves, several weeks of internship in a row with great quality, good athletes and all safety conditions ensured.
Honestly, I think that hardly any team had conditions as good as the ones we had.

It is in 7th place in the Olympic and World Ranking. At this moment it occupies a place among the top seed for the Olympic Games next year. The goal in Budapest is to strengthen your place among the eight best judo athletes in the world of -48kg?
Yes, the objective remains. I want to consolidate my position in the ranking in order to be able to reach the Olympic Games as a seed and thus compete in the competition in Tokyo in another way.

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