Catarina Martins criticizes "right trap" and changes of opinion about teachers – The Economic Journal

The coordinator of the Left Bloc considered this Wednesday "absolutely insane" that "everybody is changing their minds" about the teachers and called for the coherence of the parties, rejecting the "right trap" that allows Brussels to decide on the careers.

In an interview today with Radio Renascença, Catarina Martins assured that the party will not change its votes on this issue, even with the threat of a fall of the government.

"It's absolutely insane and I think it's down to democracy that everyone is changing their minds. The PS thought one thing now thinks another, the right thought one thing now thinks another. The unions themselves have already thought one thing and now they think another, it can not be, it is not like that, "he criticized.

If "all parties were coherent and they kept their vote on Friday", it would be possible, on the one hand, to "keep the door open for the next government to count the length of service", not only for teachers but also for the other special careers of the public function, appealed Catarina Martins.

"The government would surely find other solutions that it finds important in the negotiation, as we have always done so far," he added.

From the point of view of the bloc leader, "if everyone were coherent as the Left Bloc is to be solved all the problems, the more general and the more specific, at least opening the doors to future negotiations."

"The PSD and CDS want, I think, to deceive the teachers – I think they can not because the teachers perceive – by saying something like: we are going to count the time of service and then put there a rule that says, but this only applies if the stability pact allows, "he accused.

Thus, the BE refuses to "fall into the trap of the right" to say that "it is Brussels who decides on careers because what has always happened so far is that this served to pull down" conditions of Portuguese workers.

"The BE will not change anything in your vote. We have already voted against these conditions, we will vote against these conditions again. There is nothing new in the Bloco position. Unlike other parties, we knew what we were voting for and the proposal we had, "he shot.

Catarina Martins warned that PSD and CDS want to "index a labor right to the stability program, which means that the next Government may be negotiating low and not high the rights of those who work."

"I ask the teachers to think: it makes sense that we approve a measure that not only nullifies the possibility of counting in full the length of service but also may be used as an excuse in the future to review the career down, to withdraw them rights, "he said.

Asked if this is not politiquist – as Fenprof leader Mário Nogueira said – the BE leader was peremptory: "It is a matter of principle and does not solve anything to the teachers."

Catarina Martins had begun by making it clear that "whatever is decided for teachers" has to be applied to all special careers in the civil service that are frozen.

In the final stretch of the interview, the leader of the BE considered serious the fact that it is "easy to beat teachers in Portugal".

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