Catarina Martins defends more public investment to do "what remains to be done" – Jornal Econômico

Catarina Martins defends more public investment to do "what remains to be done" - Jornal Econômico

The coordinator of the BE, Catarina Martins, defended more public investment, and an improvement of wages and pensions to do the rest that is lacking, after three and a half of legislature of the PS government, commenting on economic improvements in Portugal.

"Now it has been proven that a small recovery makes the country so good, when even the international institutions had to recognize that they were wrong and it is protecting people that the economy is protected, when the economy grows, so let's do what remains to be done because in this country still lives very bad, wages do not arrive until the end of the month, pensions are too short, "said Catarina Martins, on the sidelines of a visit to the neighborhood of Quinta da Lage, Amadora.

The rating agency Standard & Poor's (S & P) on Friday upgraded Portugal to two levels above the speculative level, with a stable outlook, and Prime Minister António Costa said he had the ambition of Portugal to grow above the European Union (EU) "for at least a decade", defending the continuity of the policy that prompted many to announce that "the devil is coming", while the President of the Republic welcomed the "fast route and good "that the country is doing.

"This is the time when, if the path of recovery, however timid, has borne such positive fruits, then let us do the rest. Essential public investment, recovering wages, pensions, investing in housing because it is a constitutional direct and a pillar of democracy and dignity of life for each and every one, "continued Bloquist leader.

According to Catarina Martins, "it was in maintaining the determination – because the economy of the country is measured in the concrete conditions of people's lives – that the country began to recover."

"We were told that raising the minimum wage would cause unemployment and the collapse of the economy, that defrosting pensions would undermine the sustainability of Social Security, that any policy that would defend people would raise the ire of the rating agencies and the Commission European Union. Only firmness defends the country, "he said.

"When this legislature began and we argued that it was possible to recover wages and pensions and have public policies that defended people, they told us that this was going to be the disaster, that the economic calamity was coming, that international institutions were in panic and would attack the country, "he recalled.

About the situation of the housing complex visited, a neighborhood "self-built for decades" and is now expected to be demolished, with the City Hall of Amadora to contact residents to be relocated in the municipality, but in smaller houses, Catarina Martins said that there is "To stop these processes of expelling people due to real estate speculation".

The BE coordinator called for greater public investment in "fundamental rights such as housing by the State" and the need to "listen to communities" to find the best solutions to problems and concrete cases.

The situation of the neighborhood of Quinta da Lage involves about "400 families, more than a thousand people", who "pay obligations and contributions like IMI", for example.

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