Catarina Martins takes over full legislature, fewer decisions taken without left – O Jornal Económico

At the end of a visit to the Center for Sleep Medicine, Coimbra Hospital and University Center, Catarina Martins was asked about the responsibilities that the party assumes or not, regarding what went wrong during the legislature that now ends.

“Left Block is proud of this four-year path and takes it all in, with what went well and what went wrong. Now we can't just assume those decisions that were made completely on the fringes of the left, ”he said.

Among the examples of what the blockers do not assume, since they were decisions made with the right parties, is the handing over of Banif to Santander or Novo Banco to Lone Star.

“The Left Block does not hide any of its responsibilities and I have been saying, I think, every day that every step that has been taken to improve people's living conditions, protecting pensions, pulling wages, defending public services, These are steps we are proud of and we are glad that we did, but we have no triumphalist look at what has been done in the last four years because we know there is still much to do, ”he said.

From the perspective of the BE leader, the seriousness of politics is to take "both pride in the path that has been made" but "also its weaknesses and commitments to the future."

"Sure, we have assumed what remains to be done in the fight against energy rents, but we cannot take the votes that were made between the PS and the right to protect EDP and its excess rents, but we have assumed what was missing," he said. .

Health is another area where Catarina Martins assumes the limitations of the government solution.

“And when we see the contests being empty, whether for doctors or teachers, when we see, for example, as specialist technicians from various fields, they end up leaving public services to go to the private sector, we know that it failed because today we miss these professionals for the public services to work, ”he lamented.

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