Catarina Silver Coast at the Cancun Grand Prix of Judo, Joana Ramos bronze

Catarina Silver Coast at the Cancun Grand Prix of Judo, Joana Ramos bronze

Portuguese judoka Catarina Costa, fifth at the Baku World Cups, won the silver medal in the -48kg category at the Cancun Grand Prix on Friday, while Joana Ramos snatched the bronze at -52kg.

After three victories against Mexican Edna Carrillo and Romanian Monica Ungureanu in the group stage and Serbian Milica Nikolic in the semi-finals, always for waza-ari, Catarina Costa just could not with Argentina's Paula Pareto, the champion 2016, which won the final by ippon in 1.27 minutes.

Paula Pareto, who had already eliminated fellow Portuguesewoman Joana Diogo – lost by ippon to the second match, after the victory over the American Anne Suzuki, also by ippon – had already 'stolen' Catherine Costa from the bronze in the World Cups.

The bronze medals were won by Serbian Milica Nikolic and Spain's Julia Figueroa.

In the category of -52kg, Joana Ramos reached the bronze when beating the Polish Karolina Pienkowska by ippon.

Before, it began by beating the Australian Tinka Easton, for ippon, and then losing with Swiss Fabienne Kocher, also by ippon. In the recaps, and before surpassing the Polish, it defeated the Russian Alesya Kuznetsova, by waza-ari.

Still at -52kg, Mariana Esteves fell in the first match, defeated by ippon by Italian Giulia Pierucci.

In men, Portugal had only one judoca in competition, João Crisóstomo, that finished in seventh place in the category of -66kg, when adding two victories and two defeats.

Chrysostom started by beating Juan Hernandez for ippon and Frenchman Kevin Azema for waza-ari and then losing to Brazilian Daniel Cargnin for waza-ari and in the first fight of the recaps with Slovakian Matej Poliak , by ippon.

At the Cancun Grand Prix in Mexico, the Portuguese team is still represented by Jorge Fernandes (-73kg), who fights on Saturday, and Yahima Ramirez (-78), in action on Sunday.

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