Catherine Deneuve refuses to be "icon" and defends Roman Polanski: "feminists have a limited view" – News

Catherine Deneuve refuses to be "icon" and defends Roman Polanski: "feminists have a limited view" - News

"I want things that I feel I haven't done yet," explains Catherine Deneuve, who is preparing to film Emmanuelle Bercot's upcoming film "De son vivant" with Benoît Magimel in October.

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Famille Fête (2019)

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Famille Fête (2019)

In Cédric Kahn's "Fête de famille", a family drama mixed with comedy, she plays Andrea, a mother who welcomes her three children for her birthday at the family home: her unstable and unpredictable eldest daughter Claire (Emmanuelle Bercot ), Vincent (Cédric Kahn), of resolved life, and Romain (Vincent Macaigne), full of chaotic projects.

The arrival of Claire, who has not seen for three years, will disturb this family reunion, resulting in storms and reckoning.

"What I liked was the argument, which I found extraordinary, with characters that really exist," said the 75-year-old, who says "I love to film with writers, with filmmakers who write their arguments," as is the case of Cédric Kahn.

This year, it still appeared in the films "L'Adieu à la nuit", by André Téchiné, and "La Dernière folie by Claire Darling", by Julie Bertucelli, unpublished in Portugal, and opened the Venice Festival on Wednesday. with the role of a "very excessive" actress in "Hirokazu Kore-Eda" of La Vérité.

The Venice Festival this year is being marked by the controversial presence of Roman Polanski's latest film, "J'Accuse", on the Dreyfus affair, which will be screened Friday night.


As she has done on other occasions, Catherine Deneuve does not hesitate to be outraged by the feminists' criticism of the French-Polish filmmaker's alleged presence of a 13-year-old teenager in 1977.

"I find it incredibly violent and totally excessive," he said.

"Time has passed," he said of the 86-year-old filmmaker he filmed in 1965 with "Repulse," estimating that "most people don't know the reality of how things turned out."

While preparing to preside next week at the Deauville American Film Festival, Catherine Deneuve also defends Woody Allen, whose latest film, "A Rainy Day in New York", which was not released in American theaters due to the old accusations of sexual assault will open the event.

"It's the same, it's amazing," said the actress, stating that she would definitely accept filming with the filmmaker on a project that suits her.

In the United States, "They quickly said, 'It's the end, banned,' you have to get out of the country, get out of town, get out of the movies," laments the actress, who also countered the #MeToo movement in early 2018 , signing with 100 women an article defending "the freedom to harass".

Deneuve later apologized to the "victims of heinous acts," but now stresses that for her "it is necessary to make the difference between the filmmaker and the person."

"Feminists have a limited view," he says.

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