CCDR Algarve will send Algfuturo Economic Plan to the Government

CCDR Algarve will send Algfuturo Economic Plan to the Government

Algfuturo expressed regret for the victims of the virus and concern about the economic collapse

It was with a sense of vow to weigh in the face of the thousands of deaths caused by the virus and noting that the prospects for the year 2021 are starting to turn very black, that Algfuturo's President, Dr. José Vitorino, started this morning's Press Conference to take stock of the important institutional meeting held yesterday with CCDR Algarve in which Algfuturo presented to the government representative in the region, José Apolinário, the bases of an Economic Plan for the Algarve, the summary of which can be consulted by clicking here.

The União Empresarial do Algarve was very concerned, but emphasized that the initiatives taken give it the status of leadership, always pointing and following the paths of the future. This condition was further reinforced with the presentation of the Economic Plan.

Algfuturo's delegation meeting at CCDR Algarve

The reaction of the CCDR structure to the presentation of the Plan was very positive and praised by the CCDR President / Government representative who informed that he would send it to the members of the Government.

The presented Plan gives an overview of the problems, with proposals from three levels:

– Structuring character

– Important complementary

– Priorities for Action

At the structural level, the following stand out: WATER, HOSPITAL, SECURITY and Program for Low Density Zones and also economic diversification.

It was pointed out that without these strategic measures, the economic renewal of the Algarve will be impossible.

The Business Union of the Algarve reiterated its total willingness to cooperate, while playing on all boards at regional, national level (in a meeting already scheduled by the Minister of Economy with the Secretary of State for Tourism) and with the EU, with sending the proposals now made to the excellent President of the Commission.


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