CDS deputy accuses Health Minister of "ill will" in the case of oncology in Viseu – O Jornal Económico

"This situation happens, not for lack of financial constraint, it is good for the country to perceive this, but because of lack of political will and the ill-will of the Minister. I directly blame the Minister, who does not want to endow the hospital in Viseu. And she, after throwing blame on Dr. Mário Centeno, "Minister of Finance, accused Hélder Amaral.

This reaction follows on Tuesday in a joint communique, the Union of Doctors of the Zona Centro, the Independent Union of Physicians and the regional section of the Center of the Physicians' Order, saying that the situation reached "the breaking point and that fellow oncologists assume the inability to ensure consultation and chemotherapy treatments for new patients. "

"This is only because of lack of will, because of the mistreatment of the Minister, who is personally responsible for the lack of investment and the lack of the minimum service," said the deputy.

Hélder Amaral said that "it is not acceptable for the government to spend money in other less important areas and do not endow the hospital center of Viseu and other regions across the country with the means of human resources and equipment to serve" the people.

"We're not even talking about the best treatment in the world, without waiting lists and cutting-edge equipment. We are only asking for the minimum of the National Health Service, which is having the capacity to meet the people who need it without having to move. In fact, it is the service that already exists and today, as health professionals say, is in a rut, "he explained.

The head of the party's district structure said that "this situation is unacceptable," taking into account what the government "will spend on both the Lisbon Metro and Oporto.

In his view, it is "because of the lack of respect for patients and the National Health Service and for taxpayers who pay taxes to have minimum quality services," especially in the area of ​​health.

"We know that we do not have a cancer center from one day to the next. Now, what is not acceptable is that the Government does not do the minimum, which is to guarantee the human resources and the conditions to ensure that what exists today works and is not in the state of rupture in which it is, "he defended.

Hélder Amaral also said that on Monday, at 16:30, a meeting is scheduled with the board of the Hospital Center Tondela Viseu, to know what those responsible have done to resolve this situation.

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