CDS describes Pedro Marques as "best secretary of state of Rye" – The Economic Journal

CDS describes Pedro Marques as "best secretary of state of Rye" - The Economic Journal

The CDS-PP deputy Hélder Amaral referred this Tuesday to the Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Pedro Marques, as "the best secretary of state of [Mário] Rye. " The centrist party criticizes the low budget execution of the ministry supervised by Pedro Marques and accuses the minister of governing "between the announcement and the failure".

"5% of the execution should make any ruler blush," said Hélder Amaral, on the second and last day of the State Budget Government's proposal for next year's debate (OE2019). "There is no memory of such a great degradation in the public transport service."

Pedro Marques added that, next year, work should continue on the maintenance of the 25 de Abril bridge, the requalification of the IP3, as well as new investments in the area of ​​health and education. The new airport of Montijo is also one of the works that the Government will do next year.

"We will start next year the construction of the largest railway line of the last 100 years and we will execute the commitment of acquisition of new rolling stock for the CP," said Pedro Marques. The minister indicates that public investment is expected to grow by more than 80 million euros by 2019.

The proposal of OE2019 will be approved this Tuesday with the favorable votes of PS, PCP, BE, PEV and PAN, after two days of debate. PSD and CDS-PP have already announced that they will vote against.

After being generally voted on, the document goes on for discussion in the specialty, with the hearing of each of the ministers and the presentation of proposals for amendment and final overall vote. The debate should be closed by the prime minister, António Costa, on November 29.

In general terms, in relation to the macroeconomic scenario, the OE2019 foresees a deficit of 0.2%, a debt in the order of 118.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a growth of 2.2% and a unemployment rate of around 6%.

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