CDS National Council meets October 17 to mark congress – Jornal Económico

A party source told Lusa today that the executive committee, the narrowest governing body of Asunción Cristas, which met on Thursday, set the national council on October 17 at the party's national headquarters on Thursday. , in Lisbon.

There is still no date proposed for the national congress, but due to statutory deadlines, it can be held in mid-December or early January next year.

The by-laws of the party, in Article 53, state that in the case of early elections for more than one month, which is the case, they may not be marked “less than 45 days in advance”, ie , one and a half months in advance.

Just on the night of the legislature of October 6, when the CDS was reduced to 4.2% and the parliamentary group went from 18 to five deputies, Asunción Cristas took the defeat, resigned and announced that he would not be re-applying for office. .

This was the worst electoral result of the CDS since 1991, when it obtained 4.4% and five deputies, was Diogo Freitas do Amaral party president.

Over the next 24 hours, an up-and-coming candidate, Abel Matos Santos, of the Hope on the Move Trend – CDS (TEM-CDS), emerged as early as Sunday night, and on Monday two leaders said they were “in reflection”. – former MP Filipe Lobo d'Ávila from CDS's “Together for the Future” and João Almeida, former JP leader, MP and party spokesman.

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