CDS-PP presents 130 amendments to OE2019 and assumes "alternative vision" – The Jornal Econômico

CDS-PP presents 130 amendments to OE2019 and assumes "alternative vision" - The Jornal Econômico

The CDS announced today that it will present 130 proposals to change the text of the State Budget Government to 2019 (OE2019), which they classified as "an alternative vision" to that of the executive.

Asked about the budgetary impact of all the measures, CDS-PP Vice-President Cecília Meireles and parliamentary leader Nuno Magalhães considered this form of accounting for "finite" measures and stressed that many of the proposals they included serve to 'force' the Government to keep promises.

"Taking into account the measures for this year without taking into account the impact for subsequent years, especially in structural areas such as the interior and demography, seems to us a very finite account," said Cecília Meireles at the presentation press conference of proposals in parliament.

For his part, Nuno Magalhães stressed that this budget "is the fourth of this Government and, for the fourth consecutive time, it is planned to build five new hospitals."

"Many of our proposals serve to make the government comply with what it has announced," he said.

At the press conference, Cecília Meireles stressed that the CDS proposals mark "an alternative vision and a vision of an alternative policy," and recalled that the centrists began to present their proposals before being known to the Government.

The elimination of the addition of the Fuel Tax, upgrading of the IRS to the inflation rate, elimination of the simplified scheme created for self-employed workers last year and non-inclusion of student-worker incomes were some of the measures highlighted by CDS-PP in the area of ​​taxes.

The proposals announced today include measures that had already been announced in recent days or weeks by Christian Democrats, such as reducing VAT in the area of ​​culture for all artistic spectacles provided for by law – including bullfights – and not defined "by a matter of taste, "the creation of a 15-day annual rest period for informal caregivers and the opening of a period of negotiation with professionals with special careers who did not count frozen service time (teachers and security forces ), and the executive is expected to give Parliament a multi-year plan with all the costs and the impact, in the coming years, of the career advancement of the professionals concerned.

Asked if the CDS is available to support the PCP and PSD proposals on this matter of careers, Nuno Magalhães preferred to put the issue to the contrary and challenge all parties to approve the initiative of the Christian Democrats.

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