CDS-PP questions government over Portuguese who were prevented from voting in the United Kingdom – The Economic Journal

The CDS-PP questioned the Government on the alleged impediment of national citizens residing in the United Kingdom to exercise the right to vote in the European elections. Christian Democrats want to know how many Portuguese residents in the United Kingdom have been affected by the situation and what measures the government will take to allow the effective exercise of the right to vote of resident national citizens "at the last possible opportunity."

"On May 23 of this year, the3million organization denounced that hundreds of European citizens residing in the United Kingdom, including Portuguese citizens, were prevented from exercising their right to vote in the European elections to the European Parliament in 2019 "Reads the question by the Christian Democrats addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.

The CDS-PP further notes that a number of European citizens living in the United Kingdom were "misinformed" by their local authorities about the procedures to be followed when voting. Adding to this, the3million organization indicates that there were situations where the documents necessary for European citizens to exercise their right to vote were too late and made it impossible for them to vote.

The United Kingdom was, along with the Netherlands, the first country to exercise the right to vote in the European elections on Thursday 23 May. Following the complaint by the3million organization, the British Electoral Commission confirmed that it received several complaints from European citizens who were prevented from voting in the UK and justified the situation with "the short term given by the UK Government to participate in these elections had an impact in the time available to inform citizens and so that they could complete the process. "

Recalling the Community directive of 6 December 1993 establishing the system of exercising the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in elections to the European Parliament for citizens of the European Union (EU), the CDS-PP stresses that Member States should adopt "the measures necessary to enable Community voters who have expressed that intention to be entered on the electoral roll within a reasonable time before the elections".

In the United Kingdom, Portuguese citizens gave victory to the Socialist Party (PS), with 21.68% (111 votes). The Left Bloc (BE) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) were tied with 14.84% (76 votes) each.

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