CDS-PP says António Costa government made 'little bit' in a unique international context – Jornal Económico

CDS-PP parliamentary leader Nuno Magalhães said Wednesday that the left-wing government of António Costa has done "little" in a "unique international and domestic context". Nuno Magalhães argued that the end of austerity theory is belied by the real country, which has "the largest tax burden ever and the smallest public investment in memory."

“We have heard it said and we will continue to hear the theory of the end of austerity, the return of income and that all is well and good. This marks the difference between the country of most left and the real country. One decrees the end of austerity. The real country survives with the largest tax burden ever and the smallest public investment in memory, ”said Nuno Magalhães at the Standing Committee meeting, which replaces the plenary during the holidays and closes the legislature.

Nuno Magalhães stressed that despite the return of income, the Portuguese "pay more in indirect taxes" and today have access to "worse public services".

“In a unique domestic and international context, the mandate of the PS and this majority was a missed opportunity. A little mandate. A little mandate in economic growth, exports, reforms and use of EU funds. Portugal has grown, it is true, but far below what it could and should, given not only the context in which it was, but also the comparison with countries that were in similar situations, ”he explained.

Already in pre-election climate, Nuno Magalhães taking advantage of the cue to recall the Democratic-Christian electoral program. “CDS-PP has a different vision for the country with five key points”: freeing families and businesses from the biggest tax burden ever, creating the conditions to build a family life project, a fair and efficient state, a territory cohesive and prepared for climate change and a country prepared to win in a global world.

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