CDS-PP says Tancos report "hides responsibilities" of Government – Jornal Econômico

The CDS-PP considers that the preliminary report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Tancos case attempts to "hide the political responsibility" of former Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes and Prime Minister António Costa. Christian Democrats argue that the document presented by the Socialist Ricardo Bexiga is "omission and incomplete" and seeks to place responsibility only on the military.

"The report presented by the editor and deputy of the Socialist Party (PS) is a document that is largely omitted and incomplete in the analysis and description of the facts ascertained by the CPI," reads the proposal to amend the document to which the Economic will be presented by CDS-PP this Wednesday in the Assembly of the Republic.

The parliamentary group led by Nuno Magalhães indicates that the commission's report, which was proposed by the CDS-PP to "identify and evaluate the facts, acts and omissions of the XXI Constitutional Government related directly or indirectly to the theft of arms in Tancos" , seeks to "hide the political responsibilities" of the current Executive, especially Azeredo Lopes, who was at the time with the portfolio of National Defense, and António Costa.

"The only responsibilities which are admitted by the drafting MEP at the level of political power are diffused and intentionally shared over several years and by several governments, in particular as regards the lack of investment in military infrastructures, which occupied the first phase of the ICC, and that it is essentially consensually accepted, "they say.

The Christian Democrats also accuse the writer Ricardo Bexiga of "an unacceptable partiality" regarding the evaluation of the role played by the military hierarchy in the theft, "trying to hide contradictions and the errors of evaluation of General Rovisco Duarte [ex-chefe de Estado-Maior do Exército]".

The CDS-PP considers that the report, in order to cover up political responsibilities, "seeks to relegate all responsibility solely to the military sphere", by pointing to "a negative evaluation of the military's role in this field, from the lowest patents to the elevated the whole structure of the Portuguese Army. "

The centrist parliamentary group also questions how the rapporteur gave "all credit" to General Rovisco Duarte, when he presented three different versions to justify his resignation from office. "This choice of the rapporteur is all the more reprehensible, as he has acritically accepted accusations made by General Rovisco Duarte in relation to the matter that is beyond the scope of this Parliamentary Inquiry, without contradiction being assured," they explain.

Regarding the alleged illegal action of the Military Judiciary Police (PJM), the CDS-PP considers that "it is absolutely false" that the document submitted to the commission and proving the illegality is "apocryphal" and "unofficial". "The document describes in sufficient detail the role played by PJM".

The parties had until this Tuesday, 11, to present proposals to amend the preliminary version presented by Ricardo Bexiga, at the end of May.

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