CDS-PP wants first specialist consultations outside the NHS in case of excessive delay – The Jornal Econômico

The CDS-PP proposed on Tuesday, at the closing of the parliamentary sessions held in Porto, that the National Health Service (SNS) set maximum waiting times in the first specialized consultations from which it is possible to use alternatives to public hospitals. "If the State does not guarantee the consultation in the established times, the patient can choose to be attended in a hospital of the social or private sector", reads in the first proposal to be revealed of the Program of Government, coordinated by Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, that the party prepared for the legislative elections on October 6.

Presented under the motto "When there are hospitals with availability, it does not make sense to be on the waiting list", the proposal of the CDS-PP provides that family doctors can access a platform for appointment appointments – which would join the hospitals in the sector private and social – with all the information on availabilities and guaranteed maximum response times, proceeding immediately to the scheduling. After this first consultation of specialty, the user would return to the NHS, but "with better possibilities of being directed and attended".

Amongst the assumptions of the proposal that provide for this complementarity between the NHS and private and social sector hospitals, CDS-PP stresses that guaranteed maximum response times are being "increasingly disregarded, increasing waiting lists and harming access to SNS, especially the most vulnerable and underprivileged population ".

"The timely diagnosis of a large number of diseases avoids health complications, improves the quality of life of people and reduces the use of the NHS in situations of urgency or gravity," centrists point out, since the prognosis of most diseases Chronics improves "the earlier its specialized diagnosis and treatment" and in which many diseases can be aggravated, "if not treated in due time, and may evolve into emergency situations."

In addition to "ensuring equitable access to health" and leading waiting lists for the first specialty consultation to be "substantially reduced," CDS-PP argues that the implementation of the proposal will "promote the overall efficiency of the system by creating incentive to the NHS to respond to time and hours. "

In the opinion of centrists there is a big difference between their proposal and the existing SNS Siga. Firstly, because the patient can only choose other public hospitals for the first consultation, "even if there are private hospitals that are closer or with more immediate availability", and secondly, the system launched by the Ministry of Health is "in phase delayed implementation ".

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