CDS-PP wants to promote actions to combat road fatalities – The Jornal Econômico

The Parliamentary Group of the CDS-PP presented a draft resolution in the Assembly of the Republic with the purpose of recommending to the Government that it "promote a set of actions with a view to combating road accidents". More specifically, in the context of the implementation of the National Strategic Road Safety Plan (PENSE 2020), "define a detailed road safety communication strategy that includes campaigns that focus on audiovisual communication, in particular, radio and television, but also use other means of content dissemination, such as the Internet and social networks. "

"Road accidents continue to be a serious national problem: although we are no longer at the top of international statistics due to the number of accidents that occur on our streets and on our roads, this is a reality that goes out every year for hundreds of lives lost in our country, "is indicated in the text of the project's statement of reasons. "To the deaths add a very high number of wounded, some of them serious, who will spend the rest of their life carrying this heavy inheritance".

"The Annual Internal Security Report (SARR) of 2017 accounts for a total of 136,239 accidents, a rise of 2.3% compared to 2016, reversing, for the first time, the declining trend in the number of accidents is verified since 2012. In turn, the RASI of 2018 accounts for a total of 138,823 accidents, which means more 2,586 accidents than in 2017, "he points out.

"One of the aspects to be invested, according to CDS-PP, is in road safety communication campaigns, since road safety campaigns are one of the most important means of persuading road users to adopt attitudes and behaviors insurance, "the CDS-PP deputies propose.

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