CDS proposes the creation of a credit line to mitigate the effects of drought – Jornal Jornal Económico

CDS proposes the creation of a credit line to mitigate the effects of drought - Jornal Jornal Económico

The CDS-PP will present a recommendation Monday to the Government to create a credit line to cover the additional burden of the effects of drought on the farm. The Christian Democrats believe that it is urgent to move forward with concrete measures and criticize António Costa's Executive for failing to approve the creation of an Emergency Fund to mitigate climate change.

"April is usually a month that brings precipitation. However, since half of the month has passed, this has not been verified with the desired quantity, and the tendency is to aggravate, since the months of May and June are traditionally months of little precipitation, and even if this will not be enough to fill the drought situation, "note the CDS-PP, in the draft resolution that will be delivered this Monday at the Assembly of the Republic.

In order to mitigate the effects of drought on agriculture, the centrist bank recommends to the Government a set of eight measures, including the creation of a credit line with at least one year of grace to cover the additional costs of the farm, applicable to the animal, plant and beekeeping sectors.

The CDS-PP also asks the Government to create a non-refundable grant to livestock producers of ruminants to support animal feed and to provide for the exemption of the water resources levy for the year 2019 from the agricultural sector in order to ensure the to farmers who have already settled it.

Stressing that "all data indicate that, as in previous years, there will be a marked increase in pumping costs", CDS-PP recommends exceptional support for the energy bill. The idea is to create exceptional support for the electricity costs incurred by farmers, known as "green electricity", worth 40% of the invoice, including VAT.

The Christian Democrat also asks for the temporary exemption of payment to the Social Security of farmers and deferment of the payment deadline of employers' contributions in the case of farms with proven income losses of more than 30%, the acceleration of the reimbursement of VAT by the State and the non-application of sanctions for non-compliance with the densities foreseen in the Forest Management Plans, afforestation or reforestation operations and minimum headings in the various direct aids and rural development.

"The CDS-PP has already, on a number of occasions, since the State Budget for 2018, recommended to the Government that an Emergency Fund be set up to cope quickly and quickly with these climate change situations financed by the Fund Environmental, without having had the reception of the parties that support the Government. (…) We think, therefore, that the time has come for the Government to mobilize funds from the Environmental Fund for these exceptional measures that must be applied, "they emphasize.

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