CDS remains on the road for Freitas do Amaral, but has suspended campaigns by Amália and sister Lúcia – Jornal Económico

The CDS did not suspend the election campaign despite the death of party founder Freitas do Amaral this Thursday. The newspaper “Público” recalls that the same fact did not happen on other occasions, such as the death of fado singer Amália Rodrigues or sister Lúcia.

Under the leadership of Paulo Portas, the party suspended its campaigns when sister Lucia and Amália Rodrigues died. Asked this Thursday by journalists about these facts, Asunción Cristas recalled the “felt way” with which she interrupted lunch in Barcelos “to make a minute of silence”, noting that as the date of the funeral is already known, on Saturday, will “Analyze the agenda” campaign.

These statements were made after the visit to the School of Technology and Management in Viana do Castelo, which was foreseen in the CDS campaign agenda.

Asked if the CDS made peace with Freitas do Amaral, the CDS leader stated that “Freitas do Amaral has moved away from the CDS. Later, when he was 40 years old and there were some ceremonies, Professor Freitas do Amaral came to participate in some of these moments, or at least one of those moments. And so it had a reconciliation with the party. ”

However, Asunción Cristas stressed that Freitas do Amaral “never refocused and his public positions, farther from the CDS” are known, noting that at the moment what “is at stake is a tribute to someone who was extremely important for the foundation. of our democracy. ”

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