CDS with acronym and symbol of PS? CNE detects "evidence of violation" of electoral law – The Economic Journal

The National Electoral Commission concluded today that there are "indications of violation" of the electoral law by the CDS-PP, using the acronym and symbol of the PS, and referred the elements of the process to the Public Prosecutor.

"This publication uses the symbol and acronym of another application that objectively harms it, through the association of such symbol and acronym to negative evaluations about this application. In addition, the potential of the propagation of that image, without connection to the author of the publication, will cause even greater harm to the candidacy to which it refers, "maintains the CNE's decision.

In issue is a publication on the social network Twitter by CDS-PP, in which "the image of advertising of the PS is identified with the symbol and with the acronym of this application, in which the CDS-PP puts the following expressions: 'WE SPEAK MORE WE DO NOT ',' WE ARE PROMISES 'and a set of three sentences with a red cross to precede (X reduce tax burden, X implementation of European funds, fiscal neutrality in fuels).

"From the elements of the process are indications of violation of the rule of Article 130 of the Electoral Law of the Assembly of the Republic, which provides that 'during the election campaign, use the name, symbol or symbol of a party or coalition with the purpose of harming or injuring him shall be punished with imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of 4.99 euros at € 24.94, "reads the decision.

These indications lead the CNE to "refer the elements of the case to the Public Prosecution Service".

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