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Transgender students will be able to choose from which bathroom and bathhouse to choose from “according to their choice”. This law was one of several measures approved by the Government on August 7 and has already entered into force in time for the new school year.

However, the order of the Government of António Costa has not gone unnoticed by the youth of the CDS – Popular Youth (JP) – who promise to take legal action if law enforcement is not suspended.

“The Popular Youth demand that the Council of Ministers suspend, as a matter of urgency and immediate effect, the application of Order No. 7247/2019, until the Constitutional Court rules on the constitutionality of this unusual Order and Law No. 38 / 2018. If it does not do so, JP will take legal action against the application of the rules in these diplomas, wrote JP leader Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos on social media.

“We already knew that the Left Block was prodigal in strange and caricatural manifestations about biological identity. What was unknown was that the PS was also in tow of this pseudo-modern agenda. The school is not a Left Block summer camp, ”criticized the centrist.

The JP leader has spoken out on Facebook against the "onslaught of radical adventurers who want to make teaching in Portugal their private rave." This is because the government passed the law that “enforces” the teaching of gender ideology in public and private schools, and the government has ruled by order, despite a request for successive scrutiny by 85 deputies, which awaits the ruling of the court. Constitutional, according to the Diário de Notícias.

“In the middle of summer and without even waiting for the Constitutional Court's decision to request the inspection, the Government rushed to issue an order that implements and regulates the“ Gender Ideology ”as an official teaching doctrine in Portugal”, writes Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos. The order adopts several measures, which for the JP leader promotes “identity disparities”.

In the document published in Diário da República last week, it reads that “Law 38/2018 established the right to self-determination of gender identity and gender expression and the protection of each person's sexual characteristics”.

In addition to freedom of choice in the bathrooms, the Government Order also approved the training of teachers and non-teaching staff to promote practices aimed at overcoming the differences between individual biological characteristics. It was also approved the right to wear a clothing according to the option with which they are identified, in the case of uniform, and also in cases where it is necessary to indicate data of an identification document, the right of the child that this indication This will be done by entering the initials of the first name in the identification document, preceded by the first name adopted in view of the gender identity expressed.

“The government cannot play with people's identities and names, turning the classroom into the most chaotic subjectism. The Government should not restrain the autonomy of an educational establishment from establishing its uniform rules according to objective criteria. It is not tolerable that a law decrees minority oppression of majorities, ”reads the publication.

Who has come to applaud this position of JP has been Abel Matos Santos, spokesman for the CDS Hope and Movement Trend, who calls it "right, clear to enlightened."

Also in the same social network, former vice-president of the Social Democratic bench José Eduardo Martins criticizes the measure, mocking the publication of the order “as a summer reading”. “I just tell you… I left school too soon. I wish I had seen this happen in my time, ”the social democrat mocked.

Friends, I bore you books, but nothing beats, like summer reading, the 2nd grade of our Journal of the Republic. Yesterday…

Posted by José Eduardo Martins on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Request for scrutiny by 85 Members

This year a group of 85 PSD and CDS deputies submitted to the Constitutional Court a request for successive scrutiny of the law on gender self-determination with regard to the promotion in the education system of measures promoting the exercise of that right. , “gender expression” and “sexual characteristics of people”. The request for scrutiny was made by the Social Democratic deputies Miguel Morgado, Nilza Sena and Bruno Vitorino.

Later, the parliamentary leader of the PSD, Fernando Negrão, social democrats Maria Luís Albuquerque, Hugo Soares, Adão Silva or Marques Guedes, and Christian Democrats João Almeida, Pedro Mota Soares, Telmo Correia or Filipe Anacoreta Correia.

“The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic has in Article 43 an express prohibition of the teaching, by state imposition, of a religion, doctrine or ideology. The law approved by the left parties includes, in article 12, the issue of regulating the teaching of this gender ideology in Portuguese schools. In light of Article 43, this constitutes a violation of the Constitution, ”Miguel Morgado told Radio Renascença at the time.

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